The Electric Fence

Taktur is fence-walking up and down.

He wants to be with his ladies, who are two fields away (to be fair, though, Hetja spent the afternoon shouting back, which is just plain wrong and a little bit slutty).

So, this afternoon, Daisy, Karen (our guest) and myself constructed our extensive electric fence.

The fence goes from one end of the field to the corner.  A long way, even crossing the burn that runs through all the fields.  It is on the top so if Taktur pushes the fence, he will be zapped.  If he starts pawing it, we will run another line along the middle.

Whatever it takes.  I do not want Taktur to get over and to hassle the girls.  This is a crucial time and any stress can start a bad birthing.  This has happened to us before and the results were terrible (Vitamin’s dead foal – she was chased by cows in the morning).

Anywho, this afternoon, we had equine help.

Perhaps, it is an orange thing.

Meanwhile, the old hands ignored us.  They knew what we were doing and we weren’t interesting to them.  They have seen this many times before.

Now we just have to wait for OH to come home from town and connect the fence.  For the moment, Taktur believes as it exists, it is therefore on.  We haven’t told him it isn’t attached yet to the mains.  Need to know basis only.

Afterwards, Karen and I sat in the field to be hugged by the little ones.

Karen was testing the foals’ fur coat for spinning/knitting potential.

Newt’s is fine.  Albie’s is not good enough.  I always knew that.

So, tomorrow there will be muchos zapping to those that test the fences.  I am bored of this fence-walking.  Taktur will learn.

1 thought on “The Electric Fence

  1. Sam

    I think Hetja was chastising Takur for her being preggers. The Stud Boy will some day learn…right?


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