The Dog/Sheep Walk

My back, after yesterday, was not happy.  Serious painkillers were required but I know that exercise will help.  Always keep gently mobilising – that is The Rule. I would rather keep going than resorting to mind-boggling analgesia.

So, today, I walked the dogs as OH had gone to town.


Or sheep.  Whoever turns up.  I am not fussy.


To be fair, Loki did appear.


BeAnne went halfway and then swiftly back home to bed. .


The Shetland views were, as ever, truly wonderful.


Shetland’s beauty, in all weathers, never ceases to amaze me.


Lambie was very happy and practising his “winning smile”.


‘Ster, who had been on the scattald (open hill), having seen us, ran to catch up and came along too.


My dear darling Boysenberries.


They were on top form, bouncing and giggling with each other as they went.

Since lambhood, Lambie has always had a taste for computer cables.  One of the main reasons he went to live outside.

When he spied my headphones (I was listening to a Radio 4 Afternoon Play), he immediately had to taste-test them.  He never grew up.


When I told him off, he had to jump up to explain.  Darling Lambie – always the same, always a Mummy’s boy.  Someone told me it was wrong to let him jump up.  I said it was the Postman’s fault – he taught him, not me.  I just kiss his nosey (Lambie, not the postman!)


And so, we wended our way home.  Loki looked slightly embarrassed and the Boysens looked very happy, if tired.


I was met by three of the Deadly Sins – greed, gluttony and wrath,


I gave them a carrot each and went indoors.

4 thoughts on “The Dog/Sheep Walk

  1. Linda

    What a beautiful walk, and in such delightful company!

    (My physical therapist’s parting words to me were “Just keep moving.” I try to follow that advice, but it drives my OH and the dog crazy…)

  2. Sam

    Love how you diverted the Deadly Sins with carrots! And Loki should be used to Mum’s walking companions by now! Hope the back feels better.


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