New Field, Please!

The little herd (Waffle, Silver, Storm, Tiddles, (the original Minions), plus Hjalti (Icelandic yearling gelding), Delia and Lyra (standard Shetland pony mares) all live 4 miles away from home and they need more grass.

So, today, Daisy and Flossie kindly lugged endless 25l containers of water to prepare the next field for the little herd.


Then Daisy led Lyra, Flossie led Storm and Silver and I led Hjalti, into their new field. I would like to say the rest followed beautifully, without question, but there is always one and that would be Tiddles who was easily confused.  Twerp.


The Gods were not smiling when Tiddles was in the queue for a brain.

I thought he would, unquestioningly, follow Storm.  I was very wrong.  I think Tids is going through “A Phase”.


Anywho, once everyone was in their new field, they quickly settled into the matter in hand.


– Shovel as much food in as possible in the littlest amount of time!


And off to explore.

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Just look at Hjalti’s trot.  My jaw hit the floor while I watched him trot in long grass.  A thing of beauty. My photo is pathetic.


This darling little herd are very happy.


So much food and so little time.


They bounced with happiness.


I just wish they were nearer to home.   I adore this herd of happy little persons (ponies probably to some of you, but always family to me).


❤ 🐾  ❤ 🐾  ❤ 🐴   ❤ 🐾 ❤ 🐾   ❤ 🐴   ❤ 🐾 ❤ 🐾   ❤ 🐴   ❤ 🐾 ❤

By the way, bear with me on the Brisk situation. We are Just sorting out a Minion Paypal account. I want everything to be totally transparent, ie what comes in pays for what goes out. Otherwise some folk will have their doubts, stick their knives in and spread negativity. I would hate that.


6 thoughts on “New Field, Please!

  1. Katherine

    Yay Minion Support Team! I enjoy reading your blog each day. Have you thought about Patreon? You can reward monthly supporters with special bonus material. Either way, transparency has the added feature of letting the MST know when funds are running low. Happy to donate. I would rather do this than buy more *stuff*.

    1. Frances Post author

      I did look at it. Someone else told me about it. But, I don’t know if I really like the idea of having “patrons”. I write the blog whatever happens and would never expect to be paid for it. I don’t do reviews (nothing to review) and I would hate for anyone to feel they have to “pay” for reading my ramblings. I don’t know.

      I thought that if folk could see what I intended to buy Brisk and wanted to contribute to that, then they would know that the money was going entirely on the things he needs. I want it to all be as transparent as possible. I don’t want it to look like I have a very nice car suddenly!

      Many draw conclusions based on nothing, spread vile rumours and a reputation is easily lost here.

      Edited to add: I also think I would write differently. My style would change as folk may want “value for money”, ie deathless prose!

  2. Sam

    Happy to donate to keep this Family in good health. Those with knives should go away. No place for them here. And Tiddles, more beauty and love than brains and brawn. But such a loving boy! And a wee bit silly.


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