The Christmas Craft Fair

So off we set en famille, having first counted Minions, ponies and horses, ridden a few (Daisy did), fed sheep and hens, to Lerwick to the Clickimin Leisure Complex, home of the 2018 Craft Fair organised by Shetland Arts & Crafts Association.

There were many varied stalls set out in two huge halls.

The official Shetland Craft’s blurb describes this annual event as “Inspired by Shetland’s dramatic scenery, heritage and culture, Shetland Arts and Crafts producers offer a unique range of woodcraft, knitwear and textiles, fancy goods, fashion and home accessories, gifts, and fine art, The diverse collection ranges from the islands’ traditional designs of knitwear and woodcrafts, which have been handed down through generations, to the more modern and highly original designs and craft items.”

Yup, that sums it up fairly well for me.

We all split up, just because we shop at different speeds and like looking at different things.

As well as having lots to look at, the Craft Fair is a great social event as well.

I saw old friends, met new ones and chatted with folk jealously admiring their creativity and ingenuity.


The makers of these wonderful crofthouse planters were in the news last year having been “ripped off” by the international fashion house, Alexander McQueen –

Anywho, I love the planters and I am saving up for one for my studio-she-shed.

The Craft Fair was very busy and I whizzed around both halls not doing half of the stalls justice so I have decided to go back tomorrow, with my Christmas sleigh, minus the family so I can buy local and support local crafts.  I have decided not to do my Christmas shopping with the non-tax paying big internet giants.

I saw this on Facebook and it’s message struck home.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. I get to look at this all over again.

Awww, Puzzah.

(I want and I bet it has gone by tomorrow).

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