Back Again

So I went back to the Craft Fair in Lerwick, leaving the family at home with a list of all my chores I would have done today.  It seemed only fair.

Feeling absolutely no guilt, I arrived nice and early easily finding a parking space (yesterday a fight nearly broke out in the already stuffed-to-the-gunnels teensy tinsy car park).

I spent a lovely 3 hours wandering around with purpose. I did the outside edge stalls first and then the inner ones that were clustered together in islands, looking at everything. I was by myself and taking my time to look at everyone’s immense artistic and creative talents.

I bought some Christmas presents including a very nice seaglass ring for myself. I know I shouldn’t shop for myself just a few weeks from Christmas but my reasoning was that no one else was going to buy this for me, I really liked it and so I should have it!

I feel very smug now having done most of my Christmas shopping and I learned a few interesting things too like the meaning of the word “Knap”.

Someone asked yesterday why I don’t sell my photographs at the Craft Fair and the main reason is because everyone else does and are much better than me too.

Photography is very popular in Shetland.

As is all things wool.

I totally fell in love with this lampshade.

And these little chaps.

There was just so much to look at and take in or take home.


Once fully shopped out, I wearily drove my Christmas sleigh home.

9 thoughts on “Back Again

  1. jane r

    Wow, Shetland really is a rich seam of everything from people, wildlife, scenery arts and crafts and minions! Those lampshades caught me eye too. Do the makers have a name /website? A morning there would have sorted my Xmas shopping too! X

  2. John N Hunter

    Since the new Anderson High School opened next the Clickimin Centre parking is allowed there for events in the evening and at weekends. You need to go in at the roundabout at North Lochside as the access from Clickimin is blocked off.

  3. Sherry Walter

    Beautiful things there but mostly I wanted to thank you for your offer to send out the turmeric for horses. Fortunately I did track some down (on Amazon of all places!) so I’ll be starting my lovely ladies of a certain age on it soon. It was very generous of you to offer to go to the trouble!

  4. Linda K

    So many lovely things. I particularly like the socks (must try and source them), the pottery, the lampshade and the bird’s egg plates from yesterday.

    I agree with a previous comment, that your photos are as good as any on display, AND you have the best subjects.

  5. Terri

    Don’t even get me started on “much better than me too”! Btw, you could also sell little self-published books here with your stories and photos…”My Shetland”. They would be charming!

  6. Sam

    Love craft fairs. My sister and I adore talking to the artists to see what inspires them. (LOVE the lampshade). We spend a full day at the NY Sheep & Wool Festival chatting up vendors and admiring wool. As for buying the ring you like – drop it on OH’s lap with a note of “how sweet of you to buy me this one”.
    That’s what I do.


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