The Case of the Missing Chicken

Our client, Lord Famous of Thordale, announced that one white chicken was missing yesterday.  Whilst surveying his mighty realm, he had done a head count only to discover we were one chicken short.


Another pressing matter was the mysterious disappearance of our beloved black and white cat (Wussumly of Thordale) who vanished at the same time.  Evidence was found – his food had remained untouched, though a small terrier might’ve helped herself.


Panic ensued.  Sleepness night(s) of worry from the household.  The family had already suffered a similar case before with a less favourable outcome, i.e. Wil-yum who never came home one night.

Fingers were pointed, accusations were made and the family was in upheaval.  Lord Famous of Thordale decreed that the main suspect in the Case of the Missing Chicken was Wussums.   He said “it was only a matter of time before he made a mistake and showed his true self”. Hence the reason for his well-timed disappearance.

Utilising the famous theory of Sherlock Holmes “Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.”, Daisy and I decided to examine all the other potential suspects and uncover the mystery.

Suspect No 1 – Jack(et Potato) – unlikely as sufficient effort would be required to dispose of chicken and/or cat and he is very vocal (not a silent killer).


Suspect No 2 – Loki – Wu’s sworn nemesis.  It has to be said that I did suspect Loki a little.  You only have to look at this photo to see just how guilty he was when questioned.  He failed the lie-detector test.


Suspect No 3 – BeAnne Duvet Soufflé Princess Chantelle Shaznay – another very likely candidate as she hates the chickens especially the cockerel.  Upon questioning, she denied ever seeing Wu.  However, she did withhold evidence (his food).


Having returned from the mighty heaving bustling metropolis that is Lerwick, it was discovered (by myself and Daisy because we had to feed Taktur) that the lost chicken had in fact spent 48 hours in the shed.  Case closed.


Wu returned in the early hours of this morning.  He had obviously been out in the storm and his coat was muddy, dirty and not in its usual clean condition.  His happy chirrupy enthusiasm to see us makes us wonder if he had been stuck somewhere and had a long walk back. He is currently recovering on his bed and the family rejoiced at his return and begged him never to leave them again.

This was a serious case of two and two making five, specifically due to a lack of appropriate deductions from Lord Famous.


All suspects were cleared though a public apology was demanded by the family for Wu, from the Lord Famous of Thordale himself.

I suppose it was elementary, my dear Wussums. Just the two cases solved today. Bring me the crime section of the paper; the game is afoot.


4 thoughts on “The Case of the Missing Chicken

  1. lesley cafferky

    Next time I will go to the loo first… That was just so funny , I just ran out of the room to the wee room !!! …at the poor not guilty doggys eyes !!!! Please warn folk when your blog turns up a fffunnny, then they can get ourselves sorted before the reading!! xx


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