That was Summer

Today was summer.  Yes, while everyone south is frying in the excessive heat, we in Shetland have had no summer until today.  It was very nice (max 17 C or 63 F) and about as hot as I like to go.

The wild flowers are glorious and everywhere.

The air has a lovely sweet smell to it.  This is the clover in full bloom.

The Shetland Bumblebees (yes, we have our very own special species with a gorgeous orange bottom) – were out in force when I was walking the dogs this afternoon.  They adore the flowers.


It really was a glorious day.  Tomorrow we move on to Autumn, I think.  And so that was our Shetland Summer. It was brief.  Thank you very much.


11 thoughts on “That was Summer

  1. Sam

    What lovely flowers you have in bloom. Given the ‘excessive heat and humidity’ New England is having all week, our clover is brown and crunches when you walk on it. Should feel like near 100F tomorrow.

  2. Celesye

    I’m jealous! 103 F today, heat wave all week here in New Mexico. Only the cats like it. Can hardly wait til I come to Shetland in September!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Such beautiful flowers you pictured! But I certainly hope you get more summery days there. 63 degrees is not very warm. 70s are perfect for me. Can’t believe those big bees!

  4. Linda

    I think a 62-degree Summer would be just perfect. (I can’t complain, I live in the Pacific Northwest and we”re alarmed if it gets above 80…) I would love for Autumn (my favorite season) to start early.
    Alll those flowers were just gorgeous!


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