Afternoon Run

Here are some photos from the afternoon run I took the dogs on in my 5 acre field (I don’t run – they do, so you know!)

Lots of flowers and lovely long grass as I am leaving this field to grow for winter grazing.

If hill sheep have managed to get in (the gods alone know how they do this – I have no idea), then Pepper will round them up and bring them down the gate whereupon I open it and they go back onto the scattald (open hill) to rejoin their parents.  Pepper is actually a very accomplished “sheep dog”.  I am very impressed with her skills and determination.


Pepper being Pepper can be annoying.  Poor Ted. She is relentless with him.

Sometimes it is not easy to see anyone.

The tail is helpful, though.

And other bits too!


I wandered about the field for a bit but mostly I sat on a rock and watched the dogs come and go.

My little Pepper-Pot is all growed up now and it’s only been less than a year. How our lives have changed.

For everyone.  It feels like Ted has always been here.  He just arrived and fitted in.

7 thoughts on “Afternoon Run

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    These are just so beautiful – You’ve documented some amazing things over time, but these absolutely capture happy animals in a halcyon place and time. Enjoy.

  2. Kathleen Woolley

    Oh Francis, I do hope your Mum is watching. How happy she would be to see Ted enjoying such friendship and freedom. Bless them both !

  3. diane in northern wis

    A good run for sure! How nice that Ted fits right in…..and that Pepper is becoming a great sheep dog! Good things all around.

  4. Louise Stopford

    What truly happy dogs. It’s so lovely to see them having such wonderful lives. You can see the sheer glee on their faces. So lovely!!


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