Teatime Smiles

Lambie was very depressed this morning.  He hates the flies – they are everywhere outside at the moment and driving him mad.  He follows me around with his head on the ground becoming increasingly agitated.

I hate seeing Lambie like this so, once OH has left for work, I let Lambie indoors to get some peace and quiet.

He was very tired.  We had also been for our usual walk and he ran all the way home.  He slept for a long time.

After lunch the breeze increased a little and the flies were less bothersome so we all sat outside.


Not a bad view from our picnic table.

We had some visitors and I duly showed them around introducing them to everyone here at Thordale and then onto the Minion’s summer fields where they were duly mugged and loved.

When we got home, I suggested a nice cup of tea and some freshly baked banana and chocolate chip bread.  Flossie, our Star Baker, had been working hard in our absence.

Darling Lambie was still mooching around by himself but, once he spotted the banana bread, he got out his Extra, if slightly scarey now I look at the photo, Winning Smile.  The one he saves when there is chocolate around!

Lambie was very good and only went round the table begging and smiling.  I gave him three ginger biccies but no cake.  That was reserved for our visitors.  They had earned it.

It was good to see Lambie forget his misery and “work the field”!  His depression had lifted and afterwards I went  and found him ‘Ster to keep him company. I left them happily grazing together.

He does have a lovely smile!  Very toofy! Good cake too.



8 thoughts on “Teatime Smiles

  1. Kerry

    Hello Frances,
    Thank you all for a lovely afternoon. We absolutely adored being mugged by the minions: what a great crowd. I would not have been surprised if he had opened the car boot to find one tumbling out after thoroughly exploring the contents for food.
    We hope Lambie is still feeling more cheerful despite his smiles failing to secure him some of Flossie’s delicious baanana and chocolate chip cake
    We thoroughly enjoyed out tour, and are very grateful for your time and you and your family’s hospitality this afternoon.
    We wish all of you all the very best
    Kerry and Andrew

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Newt is looking particularly lovely in his summer coat. Lambie is so sweet when he’s lying around in the house! And that smile……!

  3. Margaret Robinson

    OMG – I’ve never thought about this – but sheep have quite LARGE teeth. Better for “mowing” the grasses, but Lambie’s lower fronts look awfully big and give him quite a different look.

  4. Terri

    The photo of “Winning Smile Lambie and the Chocolate Chip Banana Cake” should win a prize! (can’t stop smiling myself….) How on earth could you resist that face?

    1. Kerry

      It was very hard Terri, particularly when he rested his head on my knee and was batting his eyelashes at me…but Frances had given him his ration of 3 ginger nuts so it was a no. Besides which Flossie’s superb cake was not to be given away

  5. Linda

    Oh, good grief what a smile Lambie has! How could you resist giving him *anything*? But poor Lambie and those stupid flies. Our dog looks like that when it’s raining or too hot outside…
    And such wonderful hosts the Minions are (and instead of mugged, I’d call it being loved on…)


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