Rain – Woohoo!

I went on my usual walk this morning.

The clouds were gathering and there was definitely a rainy smell in the air.

I passed the day with some crofting neighbours and we all sucked our teeth and nodded our heads in agreement that we desperately needed this rain.

While I walked some big drops started falling and, for once, I didn’t mind.

This is the view from my window as I type.  We have three days of rain ahead and I couldn’t be more pleased to see it.

Meanwhile, I bought on Fleabay at a very cheap price (slightly used) a “wee nook” for Monster.

We sprinkled some catnip in his new abode to entice him in but he refuses point blank to use it.  I shall probably sell the bed on again.  Monster is a bit cross with me as I have just put him on a slimming diet – supper consisted of BeAnne’s cabbage and chicken.  I now have one unimpressed fat cat but Monster is beginning to wheeze and I think his immense weight might have something to do with it.  When it stops raining, I plan to dig out Her Maj’s car harness, put it around His Vastness and attempt to take him on my walks.

Attempt, mind.

Please send all flowers and gifts to our local hospital where I may be residing.


3 thoughts on “Rain – Woohoo!

  1. rheather

    Tell Monster that the bed is way too small for him and that he shouldn’t even try to use it. Saying things like that or putting stuff in not easy to get to places usually makes my cats determined to use them. Good luck with the leash walk!

  2. lynn

    i think Monster looks absolutely perfect as he is, but health is more important so good luck to you as you start him on the dieting program.

  3. Sam

    Good luck with trying to harness and walk Monster. have you tried running him around chasing a laser light? That’s what we do with Mr. Maine Coon.


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