Sunday afternoon

A bit of a duvet day today.  I popped over to Sandness to see my girls and give them the now-expected carrot.  Funnily enough, they approve of this routine hugely.


It is a wild windy, rainy, snowy, haily, sunny sort of day.  If it comes out of the sky, it has fallen on me!


Hetja was on good form.  She is not fat-pregnant and, if I had not had her blood tested, I would almost doubt she was going to have a foal.  Maybe she is one of those lucky ladies who stay the same shape and size all through pregnancy (*** cough Kate Middleton cough ***) et voilà, a foal appears (although I hope for Kate’s sake she has a baby!)

BN2A6376 BN2A6389

Back home to the lads.  It is going to be cold tonight so I wrapped up those that needed it and opened up the stable too.  Kappi is determined to make that silage bail his own. I will probably find him tomorrow morning with only his hind hooves sticking out!


In the stable Haakon was grudgingly babysitting The Minions.

BN2A6408BN2A6404 BN2A6406   BN2A6414

I sat in with them for a while.  Storm was in a funny mood.  He pushed past everyone, not letting them near me and asked for a hug.  I suppose he just wanted his mum to himself.


So I made this.





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