Daisy and I came home this morning from our daily Minion Rugby Match, to see Iacs by himself – always a bad sign.

Iacs shares his field with his cousin, Haakon, as well as Klængur.  They were within eyesight but not exactly close by. They were having their mid-morning snooze.

So, armed with a headcollar, a big bag of yesterday’s carrots as well as the all-important-never-leaving-my-side small black sheep, I went to free Iacs from where he had managed to get himself stuck.

Luckily, Iacs put his head over the wall and, with his headcollar on, I led him to a part where the wall had rumbled. He carefully walked over it to rejoin his friends.  It didn’t dawn on him to do this himself – he has only lived in this field for over 20 years.

(note – the stupendous silly-frilly hair-do!)

The carrots were shared out.  Everyone was very pleased to see them.

And me and my small black sheep, the headcollar and a now-empty bag of carrots went back home safe in the knowledge that everyone was where they should be – except possibly for the small black sheep, aka Maggie, who refuses to be with the other sheep and just trails round after me all day!


3 thoughts on “Stuck!

  1. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Maggie has definitely found here “person”. It is way past time for imprinting (I think) so maybe it is a case of what we call cupboard love. Food is always a great incentive, and since she had such a traumatic time being a hill sheep , she is gonna stay glued to the food giver .
    All the best to everyone furred/ hoofed/ wooly/ feathered too. White cat says to give his cuz Monster a scratch for him and maybe a treat too 😉
    All the Best,

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Impressive that Maggie has formed such a strong bond with you so quickly. She clearly knows when she’s well off!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Well, looks like you’ve got a real buddy there in Maggie. She certainly has good taste in people…..and carrots! Glad you helped Iacs out of his dilemma. Poor thing. Things are always interesting at your place!


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