Storm Henry Missed Us (apparently)

According to the news, Storm Henry (oh why, oh why do they have to name them? – it is so naff) missed us.

Despite the “miss”, I went out to inspect a fence in Sandness that has been crashed into and, on my way home, I stopped by Dale Beach to take some photos of the wild sea.  I sat in my little car taking photos while it was buffeted about. Outside was very noisy too.

BN2A1614 BN2A1615-2  BN2A1618 BN2A1623 BN2A1632

Meanwhile, at home, previously, I had thrown everyone equine outside into the hill park and told them to get on with it.  I am fed up with lurking horses and ponies saying “feed me” all the time.  A bit of fresh air is good for everyone.

BN2A1639 BN2A1640

Brá seems to have settled quickly.  She had a good night’s sleep and had been lying down, so was rested and much more open to meeting the herd.  She won’t let me talk to her but comes rushing if there is a bucket of food involved.  Between her and Haakon, it is like being chased by sharks!

BN2A1644 BN2A1653BN2A1645 BN2A1646

I have let them all come in around the house this evening to eat the silage bale.  Only Les Grandes Dames are in the little stable and the rest can come and go as they please. The door is open.

There is a silage bale out which they have taken a hatred against (it’s got a “funny taste”).  I want it finished as they started biting chunks out of it while it was still wrapped up.

These are the main culprits and I am feeling a bit “bloody horses” at the moment.


I am trying hard not to be cross with Hetja as she is still nursing but, honestly, this lot have the ruddy world on a plate and yet they go on the rampage.


3 thoughts on “Storm Henry Missed Us (apparently)

  1. Nicki

    So glad Henry gave you a miss !! Fantastic seas photo’s. Please tell me how to pronounce your new mars name – or I shall be calling her Bra (as in lingerie) all her life !!

  2. Sam

    Why name storms? I think the weather wonks get bored. Here in the USA you can get many names for the same storm – Weather Channel picks dumb ones, everyone goes down the alphabet. Last week it was Jonas or Alice for the same system.
    As for Bra & Haakon – my mother would call them Land Sharks, same term she used on fat cats who wanted more kibble. The rest of them have suddenly developed champagne tastes when a little hunger sauce will do. Like a cat we had, Badfinger (only 1 toe was black and in the middle, the rest were white). He got a taste of brie cheese once and that was it for anything other than goat cheese for that spoiled cat. Glad you survived with little damage.


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