My New Mare

Brá frá Reykjavík (IS2001225271) 

By: Adam frá Ásmundarstöðum (IS1993186930)
Out of: Björk frá Kýrholti (IS1989258435)

Brá is a 15 yo 5 gaited mare (confirmed pregnant by Álfur frá Selfossi (IS2002187662)
Red bay no white markings (Rauðjörp)
BLUP 107

Her extended pedigree:Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 15.30.28

We collected her off the boat this morning. Brá has travelled all the way from Norway where she has been living since her original importation from Iceland.

BN2A1590 BN2A1586

Brá seems to have travelled well so I immediately put her out with the others and left her to graze on some hay.


The others were intrigued but kept their distance as Brá made it very clear that is what she could cope with.


The snow still hasn’t gone, so after lunch I caught Brá, tied her up, tried a rug on her, took it off again, gave her a good brush, talked to her and led her around the school to see what she thought of things.  To start with Brá was very apprehensive and jumpy so I chatted away in my low calm-voice while she relaxed and I brushed away all the travel knots.  She led nicely, listening to me and stopped when I stopped.  I could see Brá was tense and very tired so I gave her a bucket of food and then put her in the small separate stable with a big pile of the silage she likes.  I dragged Iacs in by his chin hairs to keep her company in the next door bigger stall.

Tomorrow is a new day and I think after a good sleep and feed, Brá will be fine and will be more receptive to meeting everyone.

BN2A1603 BN2A1611 BN2A1605

11 thoughts on “My New Mare

  1. Celeste

    Such a beauty! Good thing she arrived after the hurricane, not during. I look forward to hearing about her adventures. And another baby coming! How exciting!

  2. Terri

    Wonderful news, congrats! She is beautiful. (and you’ll have a bebbie this year!) She has no idea how lucky she is to be under your care. Rest up, Brá….

  3. Linda

    She’s just beautiful, Frances!
    (I think I’d behave just like she did, though, after all that traveling, a new home, and new horses to meet.)

  4. Darby

    congratulations on your new family addition. she is beautiful, she has a lovely, sensitive face. wishing you both many years of happiness!


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