Still Worrying

Haakon and Iacs are currently living in the stable.  Their door is wide open and they have spent the day totally inside, not venturing out once. I think they might have gone out last night as they were wet on their backs.  Who knows.

Haakon is happy again – eating well and drinking too with it all coming out the other end.  This morning I did notice, however, that his urine is dark brown, almost viscous and smelly too.  So I am back to worrying again and have booked the vet to come and take bloods tomorrow (first available slot) while trying not to look at Dr Google.

This afternoon I drove over to the vet surgery to get some electrolyte replacement powder – “an oral rehydration product indicated for the reversal of the processes of dehydration, electrolyte loss” – which I put in their drinking water.

I was dubious if Iacs and Haakon would drink it but Iacs tucked in, so Haakon did too.  Hopefully that should help.

They also have a Himalayan salt lick which Haakon is very keen on.

The ad-lib hay is also proving very popular with everyone.

At this stage, I feel like we are just chucking hay at everyone.  The weather is so awful and the forecast is vile for the foreseeable.

Just praying the urine is not a sign of something ominous and just a leftover symptom from the colic.

9 thoughts on “Still Worrying

  1. Sam

    Fingers crossed the urine is Haakon’s system getting rid off the bad stuff. he is lucky to have your observant eyes on him.

  2. Louise Helen Whyte

    doing the same, the weather is vile, so they are just standing on the yard with doors open eating. I brought Suze and Fleur onto the yard overnight as it was dreadful, and the two young donkeys have the field shelter which is well bedded and hay inside.

  3. Jayne

    “ Old animals. Bloody hell.”.
    Amen to that, but he is eating and excreting – that is progress, thank goodness.

    And who can blame the boys for hardly venturing outside? It must be quite a relief to be away from the endless wind and whatever else the weather has thrown at you all in the last week or so.

  4. Lisa

    Have they been peeing while inside? If the weather is awful, maybe they won’t go out to pee? My horse, when I put him in the stall overnight, would absolutely refuse to pee. I would go out in the morning and take him out (much like a dog) to go pee. When he had held his pee all night, it would be very dark colored and extra smelly. Just a thought.

  5. Judith Garbutt

    The two old boys are in the best place and getting the best care but worrying is inevitable. We all want our oldies to be happy and healthy and to live forever. The fact that Haakon’s eating, peeing and pooing is all positive. Fingers crossed for more progress.

  6. Suzanne Kelly

    Hi, hope all better soon. Can you measure whether he’s drinking his water/ have you seen him drink? Wd be good to know he’s drinking. Wishing all well.


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