Battle of the Smiles

This was a breakthrough Maggie moment…..

Maggie: This is my Winning Smile
Lambie: Please don’t.

Lambie: I may smile but I wish you would go away first.
(He had butted her, so she ignored him)
Maggie: I don’t know what to do.
Lambie: Go away would be good.

Maggie:  Am I enchanting?
Lambie: I am shocked!

Maggie: Look at me!
Lambie: Preparing to smile.

Maggie: And off I go!
Lambie: Prepare to be amazed.

And Maggie was shining.

But then there is Lambie’s Winning Smile.  He was not going to be left out.

Me:  A bit too desperate Lambie.

Me:  Ok, better.

Maggie: Stuff you Lambie!
Me:  Never give up Maggie. You are beautiful. Always beautiful.

I was amazed at Maggie. I have never seen her do this.  She and Lambie make me smile too.

And then it all went a bit Abba!

11 thoughts on “Battle of the Smiles

  1. Sam

    WOW! Never thought Miss Maggie would smile – how proud you must be. And how green Lambie’s eyes must be….I guess he doesn’t know he taught Maggie this skill.

    1. Frances Post author

      It is strange. She just started smiling. She has her little ways and this has been added to her repertoire. Lovely. Sniff.

  2. Mary Colleen McNamara

    Maggie is so endearing. Glad she has something to smile about (finding a wonderful new home and family)
    Lambie, dare I say it is maybe a tad bit spoiled. Just sibling stuff right?
    Thanks for the pics they made my day. Which has been challenging but it is what it is .
    hugs and scratches to all critters.


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