Still Weird

Things are a bit fraught around here after shearing.  Madge spent the night in the big field. She has taken herself away from everyone and won’t talk.  She was always a bit potty, but this is a new level, even for her.

This morning, I took off Lambie’s and Edna’s rugs.  They were nice and warm and much brighter. Everyone had a big breakfast with a free-for-all of TurmerAid too and then they wandered off into various fields.

After I had done my chores, I went in search of Madge who hadn’t been sighted.  I was worried about her. I hate not knowing where everyone is and how they are.

I took a box of barley rings (nice and loud while very visible) with me.

Harrel came too.

He does like a barley ring or ten.

Off we set into our hill field – it goes back for what feels like miles.

And eventually we sighted Madge all by herself.

I tell myself that by spending the night outside she might lose a few pounds.

I won’t say she was particularly pleased or relieved to see me or Harrel (my now devoted disciple, though it may be the barley rings!)

I pushed Madge back to rejoin the herd.  Harrel helped, worried I would give away the barley rings to just any old passing sheep.

Edna arrived too and I reintroduced her to her ridiculous daughter.

And now this evening, everyone but Madge is home. Lambie went straight to bed and yes, I have more barley rings so I am still loved.

Just not by Madge who remains in the furthest part of the field refusing to talk to anyone ever again – well, that’s what she says.  Her choice. Shiver that fat off, girl!

1 thought on “Still Weird

  1. diane in northern wis

    I do love your sheep stories….sounds like everybody is doing better, especially with those barley rings nearby. Poor Madge…..hope she rejoins the gang before too long. You have such a good heart, Frances. Thanks for all you do!


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