Shearing Worries

Everyone was sheared today and please note Lambie’s Winning Smile. Such a suck up.

This was Harrel’s first shearing. His fleece was amazing – blacker than black.


Words were said like “I have actually never sheared a sheep as fat as this!” (for Madge – who now looks like a pink hippo – oh, the shame!)

We looked at teeth, did feet, gave a multi-vitamin, wormer drench, footrot jab…. what didn’t we do?

And then let them all outside.

The weather is not kind. It is far too cold for this time of year but mostly dry.  I thought they would all be fine.

After lunch, I went out to check everyone was ok and to take a few photos too.  Most were standing around or lying down.

But Edna was miles away.  She did not look happy.

I went over to see her and found her shivering.  That would not do.  Oh no.

I got a rope and collar, and then we argued our way back home.   For an old lady, she can pull/drag/be very unhelpful (my poor back).  I put her into the small paddock on her own and  gave her a huge feed of mash to warm her up.

Then I dug out my sheep rugs (I have 3) and fitted one to her. The neck is a bit big but it works ok.

So then, worrying, I went and looked again at everyone else. Lambie had taken himself to bed.

I decided food and TurmerAid would boost all their internal heating as well as make them feel better/happier.

(Harrel had taken to his bed as well and was audibly whinging about the state of everything)

Lambie was shaking with the cold so yes, I gave in and rugged him up as well.

And bunged him in with Edna who, I think, was glad to see that someone else was wearing a rug.

Meanwhile ‘Bert can’t believe his eyes.

Let’s hope it warms up sometime soon. It is not nice out there.  Some are tougher than others.


4 thoughts on “Shearing Worries

  1. M in NC

    I had wondered when shearing day would come as the fleeces are quite long and the days are now getting shorter. You do need some sunny days to get them over that initial shock. Food will help 🙂

    I had a major shearing of my own at the end of May. Had not had a proper cut in 23 months due to , yes Covid. Told the barber cut at least 14 inches.(yes I go to a barber not a stylist) . Took him over an hour to get it into shape. After a social event, I have been back 3 more times telling him Shorter, Shorter. I think it still needs cutting. Its not as short as the sheep, but it does feel so much better!

    M in NC

  2. Jayne

    I do not think I have ever seen sheep rugs, Lambie and Edna look very smart. And being a totally softie I get a lump in my throat that you care enough to bring them in and give a warm feed and protection, x

  3. diane in northern wis

    I wondered when your sheep would get sheared, and now that it’s done, they’re freezing! Oh dear, oh dear. Always something, somebody to worry about. Glad you’ve got rugs to put on some of them….and extra food etc, to warm their tummies. Sure hope your weather warms up soon! Poor things. You’re such a good mama. Thanks for taking such good care of everybody!


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