Still Lame

Klængur is still lame.  In both feet.  I am so bored of this and I am sure Klængur is too.  Poor love, he is such a stoic.


Jo popped over to drop off some more shoes for Taktur so we grabbed Klængur for her to look at quickly.  In return I gave her the battery to charge up and zap Hammy’s nose.


Klæengur is a good boy and just stands quietly with the rope over his neck, never moving off or fidgeting.


As it is so muddy at the top of the field where they wait to be fed, Jo dunked each foot in a bucket of water first to clean it.


We feel the wall of each hoof to see which one is hottest.  After much consultation and input from everyone around, we all decided that one foot was hotter than the other.


So back Klæengur went into his field with me worrying.  Having said that both Daisy and I have seen him galloping about playing endlessly with Taktur so I refuse to feel too sorry for him


1 thought on “Still Lame

  1. Jen

    Ick, abscesses are such a drag and hard to figure out. 🙁 At least, that is what I assume you are dealing with. Poor fellow. I am glad he is a good patient.


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