To Town

Another glorious sunrise this morning.   Red sky in the morning….. shepherd’s warning.

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Daisy and I set off  a little later for town, Lerwick.  First a flute lesson and then onwards to get supplies for the horses mainly.

On the list was:

A replacement car battery to zap Hammy’s nosey
3 bags of feed – 2 for Taktur and 1 for everyone (we are going to worm them, mix the wormer into the feed and dish out individual buckets)
Wormer – I failed to find the one I want so it is on order
Tesco – ugh – but a necessity.

We had a quick lunch in the usual spot looking at the wild waves which I totally failed to capture  on my camera despite being the sea being fairly impressive at times, though nothing like they are having down south.  Now those are scary waves by comparison.  The noise of the sea was huge – it was a continuous rumbling.

BN2A7599 BN2A7616  BN2A7630   BN2A7660 BN2A7666-2

Everything is back to normal now.  I must admit to being glad the Christmas/New Year period is over.  It goes on too long here and everything closes for the whole duration – almost two weeks.



3 thoughts on “To Town

  1. Karen

    I’m with you on the festivities lasting too long, though you are lucky still to have Daisy…mine have gone back to Uni already and the youngest came home the same time as Daisy 🙁

    1. Frances Post author

      They were easy – just stand outside in your dressing gown freezing your bits off, hoping nobody is watching from the road!


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