Still Here!

I didn’t sleep very well last night but up and at ’em at 03:00 just in case.

To start with I couldn’t find Brá and had a mild panic attack.  Hetja was standing outside by herself.

A brown horse in a dark stable can become invisible, when you’re nervous!

Anyway, Brá was located and Hetja and I breathed a collective sigh of relief.

After a few hours of standing up, lying down and eating in the stable, the girls decided they wanted to go outside for some grass.


They chose our back garden – it used to be tne pride and joy of my OH – his very productive vegetable garden – but one year, nothing came up and so, totally despondent, he let it grow over. Anywho, it makes a useful paddock as there is a pony sized shed in there too.  This was Lambie’s Hermitage – his winter palace, if you will.


There is a non-working electric mesh fence that Hetja quickly sussed out.  It is true, the grass on the other side is definitely greener.


Out of boredom and better light, I took to taking photos (and a film) of the cockeral.


And Her Maj who, as always, was in attendance, but with her home comforts.


And still nothing.

L1210473 L1210474

Lambie and ‘Ster were, as ever, around.


Even my animals do nose kisseys!


And so we wait.


Brá is waxed up, soft bottom muscles, tail held at an angle befitting an Arab stallion at times and she stands with her back legs apart at all times.  She is often kicking her belly, swishing her tail and rolling.  For crying out loud, it is now nearly 18:00!  Why isn’t the foal just slithering out on its own?  Short of putting up signs saying “head towards the light”, I can’t think what else to do.


We’re having curry for supper!  Maybe that will help.

4 thoughts on “Still Here!

  1. Linda

    Bra’s back legs spread like that reminds me of a girlfriend who walked like that when she was carrying twins. You can’t blame her!

    Beautiful rooster, and very fine crowing performance…

    I’m with your OH; Over 20 years, I’ve planted so many things; only to have the squirrels eat the seeds/bulbs, snowfall crush my plants, and gophers decimate hosta leaves. I’ve given up too…

  2. Terri

    Aarrgghh! Nothing worse than an overdue baby. But if you’re miserable waiting, just think how Brá must feel! Nice of Auntie Hetja to stay close by. Perhaps the cockeral will crow when the baby arrives. Soon (??) your happy assortment of critters will be joined by one more. In the meantime, hope you get some rest. Queen Be will look after things….


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