First Light

I am feeling a little less exhausted as I have now fallen into a routine.

I went to bed last night at 19:00, out like a light and slept until 03:00 when I got up, got dressed and went outside.  BeAnne decided she was coming too.


It was a cold and there had been a frost, but it was a calm beautiful night.


The moon was on its way down.


The girls had spent their night around the house, with access to the stable if they wanted. Grass, water and shelter.


As everyone was very relaxed, I opened the gate and put out some silage.


They enjoyed their snack and then had a bit of a kip together.


There were a few chores to be done and suddenly I came across Wu who was out and about on his nightly prowl. It was like old times, ie before Loki.  Wu followed me everywhere, playing, waiting, running past, dropping onto his back so I could tickle his belly, if I felt brave enough – don’t be stupid, of course I didn’t, he was waiting to grab and bite me. I know this cat.

I spent my early morning in the cab of my van with BeAnne.  She gave me employment and I was appointed the royal tummy tickler.


As it slowly grew lighter, I watched the birds and animals appear around me.  Using the van like a hide, it was like a scene from Bambi.  There were families of rabbits playing and chasing each other round in circles. Birds, I seldom see close to the house, poking around while the shalders (oyster-catchers) bickered above me.

L1210452 L1210454

Yup, you guessed.  Still no foal!

4 thoughts on “First Light

  1. Darby

    your Wu sounds like my Linus, all snuggles and purrs, then wham!
    hoping the wait won’t be much longer.

  2. Sam

    Love the Wu clip – wooing and running away. Sounds like some silly Minions.
    But the blissed out picture of BeAnne is delightful. And that foal will come when you least expect it to.

  3. Linda

    Still no foal; but what a beautiful early (early) morning!

    (P.S. I’m not good w/cats and I actually thought they liked being scratched on their stomachs – dozens of cat scratches on my hand later, my OH mentioned the cat was angry…)


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