Still Handsome

A few pics I took today of our Handsome Prince, Taktur.

As you can see, we took out the mane plaits – to be honest, they didn’t work and we were risking ruining Taktur’s luscious mane.

We gave it our best, though.  We tried.

Taktur is always a dear boy.

A real pleasure to have around.

He is very special.

Everyone should have a stallion as nice.

(sorry, been asleep all afternoon, trying to escape my bl***y back – had enough really).


5 thoughts on “Still Handsome

  1. Margaret Robinson

    You just take care of yourself! Everyone else knows what to do and they’ll do it (including your herds).

  2. Linda

    He is so gorgeous, except – maybe- that first shot, but then maybe that’s him laughing for the camera?

  3. Nancy

    The first picture of Taktur cracked me up!! Ha ha ha!!

    I hope you are feeling better today.
    Do they have any yoga classes in town? It might help you with your back…


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