On my Travels

My back has still not forgiven me for the coat-stripping morning.  I ache all over and I twinge with every step I take.  Unhappy days.

I hate feeling like this and I hate taking painkillers.  I avoid them at all costs because the side effects get me.  Alternatives include lying on an acupressure mat in the evening and a tens machine.  All this helps but it is not helping enough so I am trying to walk out the pain.  Exercise and endorphins.  That route now.

BeAnne and Lambie come too.  The hill sheep are still in the middle of lambing so BeAnne is on a lead, even though we are just walking along the road.  It is a gentle walk and one we all know very well.

Lambie could be on a lead if he or I wanted but he is happy to follow along.  We get odd looks from passing cars.  Occasionally Lambie will take himself off-road to see if the hill sheep will talk to him. They won’t.  They look around shiftily while moving away, swiftly disowning him as one their species.

Lambie is quite intrigued by the new little lambs following their mothers, but then I call him to keep up and he remembers and runs back to us – his real Muzzahs!

(one of Lambie’s “baby photos” – awwww, in the days when he was small, floofy and could fit in his favourite spot)

Lambie still loves BeAnne.  He still remembers all she is to him.

He is just a bit bigger now and funnily enough, in her way, BeAnne still loves her little Lambie.

I love seeing them together.  The other sheep just don’t have this relationship with BeAnne.  They are more sheep, than sheeple.


8 thoughts on “On my Travels

  1. Sam

    Sorry your pesky back is acting up. But what a lovely walk you had with two fine companions.
    Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane with Lambie’s baby pictures.

  2. Mary H

    Love that BeAnne and Lambie have that special bond. Lambie’s baby pictures are really too cute for words.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    Hope your aches and pains ease quickly, Frances. Not nice when they affect your mood. I haven’t seen the pictures of Lambie as a, well, lamb! He was so cute and BeAnne obviously recognised that he needed those extra cuddles! So sweet.

  4. diane in northern wis

    Love BeAnne and Lambie! What a sweet pair they are. Thank you for the delightful pics and story. Sure hope you’re feeling better soon Frances!

  5. Rebecca

    Hi Frances. I don’t know if this will open for you, but I have a pic very similar to your “BeAnne and Lambie” photo. This is Fannie the corgi with her “puppy” Shadow.

    Fannie & Shadow @ Barbs.jpg

  6. Louise Stopford

    Lambie’s baby photo’s with BeAnne are absolutely gorgeous. What a lovely special bond they have. Hope you felt better after your walk. Have a lovely weekend and hope the sun still shines in Shetland.

  7. Linda

    Those baby pictures of Lambie with BeAnn are SO sweet – what a connection between the two of them!

    And here’s hoping your back is getting better…


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