Spring Introductions

Spring is back. Yay.


We all spent a lovely day outside soaking up the sunshine.


Lambie is feeling much better and wants to be out and about if we are outside.  He is very energetic and runs as fast his little leggies will allow him, bleating “wait for me”.  I was feeding Taktur his daily food and thought I would let them meet each other.   Once Taktur had finished, he was intrigued by this little mite that had dropped down to sit by his front hooves.  He was very gentle in his introduction to Lambie.  What a dear boy.


Once I had put Taktur back in his field, I let The Minions out as I wanted to brush their manes and tails, pick out their feet and trim and tidy up their ears.   First they met Lambie and were very curious.  Everyone was strictly supervised and I kept my beady eye on them all, thinking only of Lambie’s safety.

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When Waffle thought about seeing if Lambie would play with him, I scooped my precious bundle away and put him in the safety of the garden.  I popped back later to find a new boy band was being formed!


A busy day for all.



7 thoughts on “Spring Introductions

  1. Louise

    We’ve been in Cumbria all day and there was no sign of spring. I’m very jealous! X

    But loving how good your boys are with Lambie x

  2. Rebecca Final

    Absolutely adorable. It’s getting fresh and beautiful on your island. Little Lambie’s wool is so bright and pretty now. Such sweet and gentle ponies.

  3. Freda Freestone

    So good to hear that Lambie is progressing so well and that he has been happy to meet the ponios. They sound such a lovely bunch, and Taktur is a handsome , gentle big guy!

  4. Terri

    Sweet photos of the Meet-and-Greet and a pretty spring day on the farm! Kudos to you for your TLC of lil’ Lambie, he looks so much better. Is he eating grass in that one photo?

  5. claudia

    Wonderful, wonderful photos.
    Lambie has been scooped up, and has landed,
    into a family with warmth, elan, healing love, music, and steadfastness.
    I can think of of no better, heart-rich portrayal of Spring 2015 than
    the stories of each of your four Minions, and Lambie (from the very
    start through the present time) and the family that has enveloped,
    and cared about, them. In the USA today is Mothers’ Day: a fitting day
    for Frances: mama, caregiver/healer, cheerleader, and photographer.


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