The Look

This little chap has just been born today and he is spending the first few hours of his life unravelling, stretching and finding his feet.  He belongs to my neighbour’s Shetland Stud – Bergli.


I popped by with some pathetic excuse so I could get to snog a foal!


And I found the very candidate – Little Miss Thickie or Bergli Vida Rose as she is officially known.  She was the one we taught how to suck from her mother a few day’s back.  As you you can see, she has very obviously got the plot as she is now covered with her mother’s milk.

Vida Rose is probably one of the tamest foals I have ever met.  I sat down, she stood in front of me and I spent not nearly long enough kissing her nosey and telling her how gorgeous she is.


Vida Rose doesn’t think the world is mean or horrid and she is desperate to talk to another foal, so we watched her try and make friends with the latest arrival, the colt foal.


She could see no reason why not.


This was until her mother marched in and told the colt’s mother just what she thought of them trying to lure her beloved daughter away.


She then gave her errant daughter “The Look” (the one we mothers know well) and marched off.  Poor little Vida.  I hope her mother lets her make friends with the others soon.


3 thoughts on “The Look

  1. Rebecca Final

    Oh my gosh….these Shetland babies! We just got our Shetland and have so many plans for her: driving, halter classes, hugs and kisses. But it is so tempting to breed her as well. Maybe in a couple years.


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