Snowing Again

It has been snowing again, last night and we had a good blizzard this morning.

These are the Icelandic horses eating their morning silage afterwards.

I love seeing the boys covered in snow and looking so unphased about it too.

It is like they were built for snow which, oh wait, they totally are!

I love the patterns the snow makes on their coats. Like a knight’s armour or a giraffe print – you choose.

Everyone was totally oblivious to the minus temperatures of cold this morning and just happily went on munching fuelling their incredibly efficient internal central heating system.

(Iacs’ little teddy bear ear(s) are the very definition of awwwww)

Klængur was eating his breakfast by himself like a good boy.  We have had some good work out of him recently.  His brain has calmed down, which is all good.  Regular training seems to be the answer and also I don’t take prisoners or tolerate fools even slightly.

The “Chrysanthemum” bottom.

Efstur is at the salt lick.  They are all making in-roads into it, which means they need it.


And, as you can see, Dreki is just as beautiful as his sister, Lilja.  Those eyes are to melt for.

Later, as the daylight was going, we let them all into their favourite field which they happily charged down.




11 thoughts on “Snowing Again

  1. Margaret Robinson

    These are gorgeous photos! We, on the other hand, have foggy, muddled sunlight. Not as spectacular in any form to your pictures.

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    Wow what beautiful pictures Frances! As you say, they seem so amazingly suited for it all. Gorgeous souls they are.

  3. diane in northern wis

    I love that video of your beautiful horses charging down the hill….they look so carefree and wild. I also love the pics of the horses with the snow all over them. That Dreki is a charmer! I think the same of Lilja too.

  4. Terri

    What’s more wonderful than seeing Shetland ponies in their natural environment? Thanks for the ‘Running Down the Hill’ video!


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