Sorting and Bagging up Wool

I have been putting off this job and I know it needs doing soon, so this afternoon I did it.

Sorted out the wool, threw away the nasty bits and put it into better bags (cotton pillowcases) for storage.

I laid a clean-ish duvet cover on the floor in the stable and unpacked ‘Ster’s magnificent katmoget pure Shetland fleece.

Wow!  It is huge.

A seriously gorgeous fleece with so many shades and colours.

Then it was Edna – this is her first good fleece with us.

So much better than last year, when it all just fell out from starvation, neglect and misery.

Edna is a pure Shetland.  There is some nice crimp too.

Next up was ‘Bert.

His is a gorgeous pale moorit pure Shetland fleece.


And then it was Edna’s turn.

She is a cross breed (Cheviot x Shetland) and has the most amazing dense fleece ever!  It is huge too and I had to split it into two bags.

And last, and probably very least, was Lambie’s effort.

A pure Shetland flekkit fleece (black and white).

“Carpet quality” is the disparaging (and I think rude) comment given to it by those that know their fleeces.

Lambie always has lovely curls, though. Like Caligula or Disraeli!


Anywho, if you or anyone you know would like any of these fleeces, please contact me via email – – and we can discuss.  A donation to the “Minion Fund” is always appreciated and I am happy to post to anywhere in the world if you pay the postage.

First come, first served.






5 thoughts on “Sorting and Bagging up Wool

  1. diane in northern wis

    so very interesting to learn about all the fleeces….wow, you really know a lot. I hope you sell them all!


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