When You Forget the Carrots

I packed the car up – going firstly to check the Minions, then onto town to get some messages and also have the car looked at. This weekend I somehow managed to flatten its battery and, as I am going south in July, I want everything to be fully functional.

Anywho, two buckets of food in, dental flushy thing in, sunscreen in, Fivvie’s cottonwool pads for her eyes in, headcollar that actually fits in……

But no carrots!

Storm was mortified.

Albie was disappointed (nothing worse)

And Newt gave me a filthy look.

How could I do this?

How could I forget carrots?

I crawled back under my rock and drove to Lerwick.

… knowing full well that everyone would possibly starve to death in the next 24 hours in their two huge fields full of grass……

….. but no carrots!  How do I live with myself?

4 thoughts on “When You Forget the Carrots

  1. Sam

    Oh the horrors of it all! The disgust from Newt, the disappointment from Albie (Ok that one hurts) and the sheer unwillingness to comprehend from Storm….made for a good chuckle today. Rather like when Little Miss Maine Coon does not get dry crunchies in her bowl NOW! (they go in at bedtime only, not on a Hobbit’s 2nd or 3rd breakfast schedule).

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I know the feeling! My lucky boy had a bag full of yummy carrot tops this evening – long green fronds. He was most impressed!

  3. Kris

    Take heart and just imagine they will appreciate the carrots (and you) all the more the next time you visit. 🙂


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