Some Peace & Quiet Please

We all woke up this morning to Indy yelling his head off.  Two of the girls, his daughters, had escaped from their field, managed to walk up the stream and duck under the fence into the next door field.  Indy was not going to give up this chance of a possible conquest and the noise was boring and endless.

I drove over to Sandness, brought the trailer and Jo over, the girls were caught, loaded them up and took them away.  This was a two man job.

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So Indy continued his fence-walk with Hammy in tow, bellowing and making his feelings very clear.

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We drove to our hill park where the mothers were and dumped the girls back with them.  They had had a good break from their daughters.

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This park is huge and this will be their home for a while.  There is plenty of shelter, grazing and space.


Meanwhile, when I got home, everyone had gone to sleep – probably exhausted from listening and watching Indy.  Note Iacs is almost standing on Indy in case he thinks he should get up and start all over again.


There were two little groups side by side.  Iacs, Indy, Kappi, Haakon and Klaengur were together.


and then a few yards away was Hammy and The Minions in a pile (sounds like a 50’s rock band).


I hope Indy forgets about the girls quickly.  They aren’t for him.  He has Hammy to keep him entertained.  That is what Hammies are for – part-time Shetland pony entertainment centre and/or Nanny to The Minions!


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