Planet Fluffy

Jo went into the big field to collect Fakur (ancient gentlemanly Icelandic horse) to take home with her.  We are beginning to slim down the herd as it is Autumn and Daisy, my daughter, is disappearing back to the mainland again at the end of this month.


Jo described the field as “Planet Fluffy”, i.e. everyone was happy, settled and but most of all loved the Minions.


Being out with the herd has done the little boys only good .  They are definitely settled and have great fun with the big boys.


Yesterday, I looked outside of the window, while it poured with rain and the wind blew.  In the far distance of their enormous field, the Minions were galloping about at full speed after Hammy, giggling, bucking and farting as they played tag with each other.


This is what I wanted for them – Planet Fluffy.  No arguing, stress and bullying but learning from a kind and relaxed herd how to be like them.  


The best thing I did for these boys was to put them out with everyone else where they are learning to be acceptable members of equine society.  Only another horse can teach them how to behave with horses.  Not me.

BN2A1046  BN2A1052

My heart smiled when I saw Indy first meet them.  They recognised him instantly as someone to emulate and so he is a huge influence on them.  In turn, he thinks they are rather dinky and funny while being tolerant when they are buzzing round him or swinging off him!

BN2A1088BN2A1064 BN2A1065  BN2A1038

And yet Haakon still remains head of the Planet Fluffy herd.  I am not sure what to do when Taktur returns.  I suppose, we will cross that bridge when we get to it.


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