So Very Nearly There!

This morning everyone worked out how to get out of the field, which was very encouraging.  Storm was almost first out too.  Yay, go Storm!  Yes, please go.

The old ladies stayed behind to eat their bucket of food.


Once they had finished, and I’d swilled out Vitamin’s mouth for debris and put her back, then cleaned Fivla’s eyes and told her she was special, I clambered up the hill to tell everyone to go back down to the field again.

So they cantered downhill, all enthusiastically, and missed the gate totally.

I followed them down (not cantering) and told them they were a bunch of idiots. Silver lead the charge and off they went again.

I was hopeful…..

And bingo!  They did it.

Albie and Waffle brought up the rear and still my hope remained…..

Nearly there…..

Almost in (and I am holding my breath now)…..

But no. Waffle went in and Albie did a massive swerve and ran back.

Oh, Albie.  *** sigh ***.  Why, just why?

So I caught him and led him back through the gate.

And he cantered off to join Fivla.  Let’s see what tomorrow brings.  Let’s hope it’s Albie’s turn to have the one brain cell they are all currently sharing.

4 thoughts on “So Very Nearly There!

    1. Frances Post author

      I’ve not heard anything so I am hopeful…… (I don’t want to be the pestering neighbour)


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