So, How Are We?

This morning Daisy kindly did all the chores while I took Flossie to the airport.

I came home to find the little ones (Storm and Tiddles) making new friends.


Daisy had taken Tiddles’ rug off so that the warm Shetland Autumn wind could dry him.  He still had a damp bottom.


His mane and tail are clarty from the peaty water while his body fur is in hard clumps.


We will wait for it to try completely before we attempt brushing his body.


Tiddles is not keen, at the best of times, on being brushed.


He can get very arsey about it if I brush for too long.


But he let me clean his mane and tail – I used lots of conditioner to make it a kinder experience.


He didn’t put up his usual forelock fight (that is when I end up holding a rearing Tiddles in one hand while brushing frantically with the other!)


Here are my two little visions of loveliness.  Storm is extremely jealous of Tids so I had to brush him as well and tell him how special he is.  “Why, Miss Storm, you’re beautiful too!”


Staff Nurse Lambie was around too “helping”.


After lunch, I went into the stable to find Fivla resting.


I sat down beside Tiddles.  I could see he was exhausted.  So I stroked and stroked him, willing him to go to sleep.


And he lay down beside me and had a lovely nap.


Darling boy.  I am so relieved.


I left him with his little Afternoon Nurse on standby.


She was wearing her full uniform.


This is the best sight ever from my front door.


Oh yes, my back put in a huge objection yesterday evening and it was duly noted.  I am stiff this morning but have walked miles with Fivla during her Keep Fat sessions (20 minutes in either brisk walk or trot three times a day).

Onwards and upwards.

6 thoughts on “So, How Are We?

  1. arte white

    I am glad your back is not too awfully bad from the abuse it has suffered.
    Tiddles (and Storm too) look very dashing.
    Tiddles is young and hopefully will have no ill effects from his trauma.
    Fivla will have lost some pounds by the time winter passes, right?
    Your nurse is looking well and your helper especially dashing.

  2. Mary H

    So glad to see Tiddles is doing well. I hope he wasn’t too traumatized. Please take care of your back. More healing vibes!

  3. liz o connor

    So glad that things are looking a bit better today. Another good night’s sleep will hopefully help everyone to feel even better.
    All looking well, all things considered.

  4. Nancy

    I hope Tiddles is okay. I’m glad that he looks okay from the outside, but I wonder about the inside (trauma, etc.). I hope everyday is a better day for him!

    Fivla! Hang in there! (I am also on a diet so I know how it feels, ha ha!)

  5. Linda

    Sounds like everything – and everyone – is going in the right direction. Tid’s mane and tail look beautiful!

  6. Sam

    Love, love, love Nurse BeAnne’s facial cover!!!! So very happy that Tiddles is home and recovering from his not so Grand Day Out. And Miss Storm is one styling pony. Please be mindful of your back!


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