OMG! Tiddles.

So, where are the Minions right now?

They were happily in the hill park 4 miles away.   We check them daily and everything was fine.


Today, Floss and I went over so Floss could say goodbye.  We counted and counted again.  We worked out that 2 (Fivla and Waffle at home)  and 5 (Lyra, Storm, Delia, Vitamin and Storm) make 7.  So who was missing?

OMG!  Tiddles.

He was nowhere.

Floss walked in one direction and I walked in the other.  This is a very big hill park separated into two fields.  In the other field is a sink hole that has been fenced off.

I was praying as I walked over the hill to the sink hole and there next to it I saw two nostrils, two eyes and two ears floating in another hole that was full of water and Tiddles.

I put my coat under his head, to keep it above water.  Next, I got one leg out but the sides of the sink hole were sheer.  Dear Tiddles didn’t panic and I had no idea how much time we had.  He had been there a long time and wasn’t trying.

Flossie came over the hill having found nothing and ran to help.  She took off her coat too and managed to fall in too. I hauled her out.  Visibly shaken, Floss helped me get Tiddles’ other front leg out and we put her coat under them to keep them out of the water.  It didn’t do much good, but it was an idea.

And then we took a front leg each and we pulled.  We bloody well pulled.  We would pull, and Tiddles would move an inch out of the water and I would sit down.  Get up, say one, two, three and pull again.

A million years later (it seemed like it), we pulled Tiddles out of the sink hole.  He managed to shakily stand up and I supported him while Flossie ran for the phone in the car to summon help.  She phoned home (no answer, left a message) and she phoned the nearest someone with a horse box.  No joy there.

While she was away, Tiddles started to nibble grass and wibbly wobbly walk.  I left her with him trying to get Tiddles back to the main herd who were near the gate while I went to fetch the horsebox, Daisy, rugs and headcollars.

Upon our return, Tiddles (and Flossie) were with the main herd.  With a space blanket and a rug on, Tiddles came home with Silver and Storm.

What to do?  Toweled vigorously, given hard feed, Danilon (he is stiff on his back legs) and put on his thick winter rug.  The others are next door so Tiddles can see them and share his hay but he can also have peace and quiet too.

My back hurts.  It hurts very much.

More healing vibes please – firstly for Tiddles and secondly for my back.  They are never going back to that field.


25 thoughts on “OMG! Tiddles.

  1. louise whyte

    poor tiddles and poor you, someone I knew their foal managed to get into a septic tank…..and they all had to go in to get it out…

  2. Mairead

    Oh what a horrible experience for you all. You must be so relieved to have got him out. Healing vibes coming in spades for the two of you.

  3. Jean Ward

    Oh no! What an eventful life you have had recently. Healing vibes to all and all the best to Floss going ‘south’. Jeanx

  4. Carol E

    Oh Frances! Thank god you found him in time. What heroic work to pull him out – it hardly seems possible. Your poor back!!

    This run of terrible mishaps must stop! You have earned much much better karma than this. Take good care of yourself — you have to put yourself #1 for a bit to recover. Please.

  5. arte white

    Wow, that was a close one.
    I know the water can steal their warmth and will and it could have been heart-breaking. Thank goodness you and Flossie rescued Tiddles in time.
    Yes, you are right – sink holes and the like must be avoided. They are traps for our animals and young ones.

  6. Judith Garbutt

    That must have been terrifying for you all. Poor Tiddles, but poor you too, and Flossy. I hope Tiddles proves none the worse for his adventure and that Floss and you don’t suffer any major repercussions. I imagine you won’t find it easy to get out of bed tomorrow! I hope BeAnne is still making progress. Jx

  7. Vicki

    I’ve heard of how pets develop sympathetic problems to their owners but not in multiples, trans-species. You, BeAnne, and now a creaky Tiddles. Prayers and healing thoughts to your whole household.

  8. Susan

    OMG is right. So thankful you got there in time. Definitely sending prayers your way. Can’t help thinking since things like this come in threes, between BeAnne, Tiddles & your back, your finished with crisis for quite a while.

  9. Terri

    I shudder to think what would have happened had you not arrived when you did. Poor little Tids! He had an angel on his shoulder for sure to keep his head above water till you arrived. And you haven’t even had time to recover properly from your own ills — the last thing you needed was to pull a pony from a sink hole! Flossie will surely be glad to go south and be on terra firma again. Thordale has had a little storm cloud over it recently. Here’s to calmer days ahead. Sending healing vibes to all in your family who need them (by my count: you, BeAnne, and Tiddles — please, no more!).

  10. Linda

    Oh Frances, yet ANOTHER close call! (Really, I think you should find a quiet sanitarium somewhere and book a room for a couple of weeks – if only to let your back heal.)
    It sounds like Tiddles is going to be ok, but I worry about your back…

  11. Darby

    poor Tiddles and poor you! this has certainly been a difficult time, what with BeAnne and her problems. hopefully this will be the last of them and everyone will be feeling just fine soon.

  12. Nancy

    OMIGOD, Thank GOD you got there in time!!
    I hope no one else has to go through what you just had. =(
    I hope you and Tiddles heal up soon!!

  13. Michelle

    I can’t imagine the near-heart-attack you had when you saw his ears and nostrils in that sink hole! Brava to women with iron wills and prayers that all recover.

  14. Dee

    OMG that’s HORRIBLE! Thank goodness you came when you did ….!!!! The consequences don’t bear thinking on.
    Get well soon…lots of love to you all !

  15. Sam

    I am thankful you, Flossie and Tiddles survived this “adventure”. Makes me wonder who led me to ask where the Minions were. When one’s animal family member is in danger, one finds the strength to remove that danger. Even if it makes one’s back into a sorry mess. Hoping you and BeAnne are sharing a nice hot water bottle and snuggle. So very glad Tiddles is back home.

  16. Vivienne

    It never sodding rains! Always something you couldn’t predict ….I hope your back is not too damaged.. I have a couple of small bales of the best haylage from this year. It is really nice meadow hay ..very fragrant. I was hoping to get it over for Albie, my contribution to his care, but I’m sure Tids might like some. Give drop me an email and we can sort out at time.

    1. Frances Post author

      Will do. How very kind of you. I am sure Albie will love it and might let Tids sniff the string! xx

  17. May

    Thank goodness you & Flossie arrived on time. Clearly you and your family (2- and 4-footed) are strong and united. You’ll see your way through this challenging patch to a nice run of quiet & health, hopefully starting now.


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