Snow? Eh?

Well, I didn’t expect this.  Snow at the end of March.  Meh!

We have stuff to do today. We don’t have time for this.  Things to see, people to do.

The equine dentist was coming (huzzah!) and so Floss and I brought Fivla and Vitamin home as they were two of his patients.  By then, the snow was thawing and so we left them in a paddock, next to the Old Men.

Après dentist, we took the ladies back to their herd and with that the heavens opened. It started snowing/hailing again.  Most unhelpful.

Tomorrow, I am going south to clear out my mother’s house.  I dread this but obviously have to do it.  Think of me and I will think of Tiddles because these little guys keep me going.

Another life for ten days. It will be tough.





6 thoughts on “Snow? Eh?

  1. Sam

    Saturday – large hail. Sunday – sunny and spring like. Monday – polar ice band and frigid temps. By Friday – near 60F. House cleaning is hard work – both emotionally and physically. I have broken it down to 1 room a day and no more. Safe travels.

  2. Celeste

    Houses? She had more than one? Not a fun task, is your sister going to help you again? Best of luck with that job, perhaps you’ll unearth some treasures. And you’ll have many people to greet you upon your return home with smiling little faces.

  3. Judith Garbutt

    So sorry that you have this unenviable task, Frances. I hope you’ll have some help. If the inside of your mum’s property/properties are as beautiful as her garden I imagine the difficulty will be knowing what to keep. Will be thinking about you. xx

  4. Joe Boyd

    I do not envy you as you deal with the emotions that will surely arise while you clear out your mother’s house. We’ll all be sending positive vibes. Stay strong!

  5. diane in northern wis

    Safe travels to you Frances, with the house cleaning coming up. Not a fun job, I know. I’ll be glad when you’re all done with it and can head back home again to your loving family and critters. Do take good care!


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