Scroungers at the Door

Lovely sunshine this morning, then snow and hail but that was later.

One of us has to stand guard while Vitamin eats her now massive bucket of food and tomorrow the equine dentist will visit (huzzah!)

Fivla gets an absolute smigeon of food as she would complain bitterly if she didn’t and, once she has finished, anyone around gets to clean up.

Today’s clean-up crew, aka Storm and Newt.

They took it in turns.

And Newt was actually not that awful.

He managed not to declare war on his cousin, Storm.

And I told him I was very proud of his self control.

I decided that Newt is actually a miniature yak.  We just didn’t know.

Silver waited patiently because he is a good boy.

As was Waffle.  They were my two stars today.

Albie was lurking.

The optimism is always immense.

Meanwhile, Vitamin finally finished her bucket so I caught her, and led her out to wash her mouth out.

And the optimism dwindled – there was nothing left in her bucket!




1 thought on “Scroungers at the Door

  1. Sam

    If younguns don’t sing “May I have some more” from “Oliver” – then ladies shall leave none to share.
    oh wait, they NEVER leave any to share.


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