Snappity Snaps!

A few piccies from yesterday.  Everyone is soggy – it had rained all night and so they are looking a bit revolting.

Waffle is under that forelock!  He told me.

Silver is hypnotised by Floss’ coat zip toggle thing.

Storm having a pensive thoughtful moment.  Blink and you’ll miss that one.

The scruffiest scruff ever – Newt.

Dearest Vitamin – Ruler of them All.

#$@&%! Sóley – still not talking to me but best friends with Floss. Just look at that face.  She knows exactly what she’s doing. We may not have reached the forgiveness stage yet.

(I love this photo, though).

Tiddles giving Floss a kiss or is it the other way round.

He has the best eyelashes.

And was being extra cuddly that day.  What a dude!

And last but not least, fairy-tale Fivla – she needs is a subtle unicorn horn.

Don’t ask me why there is not photo of Lilja.  I can only say that I forgot!

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