First Ridden Day Out

Daisy asked Floss and I to help her – she wanted to ride Efstur outside for the first time.

Floss’ job was to lead Kappi – his job was that of sensible companion.  It’s always good to have one around.

I was on-hand with a rope ready to clip onto Efstur’s headcollar if necessary (and also camera person to record this momentous outing).

Efstur was a bit bouncy to start with – this was all completely new to him and he was very excited.  A whole new world.

So Daisy asked Flossie to bring Kappi up to walk quietly alongside and Efstur quickly relaxed.

We didn’t go far – just to the end of the track and back, practising stopping while Kappi walked on and just general steering with good calm behaviour.

It was a lovely day so we all enjoyed the walk as well.

So that is another milestone ticked, if that’s what you do to milestones. Efstur was a good boy and will be repeating this walk and going further. The great outdoors beckons.

Kappi and Efstur look very similar these days.   Dear little ginger ninjas!

Well done team. xx

3 thoughts on “First Ridden Day Out

  1. Amy

    Excellent! Congratulations, all!

    And I’m fascinated by your accounts of training. It had never occurred to me that a sensible companion would be so much help in training, and it makes perfect sense. Brilliant!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Yes; well done and he actually looks as though he’s enjoying himself! That is always a good sign – when your ride actually wants to take you out for a scenic journey.


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