So Very Handsome

Taktur frá Velli II IS2009180242

Our beautiful black Icelandic stallion.

Did you know, he is 11 years old?  He came all the way from Iceland, travelling with Hetja, Esja and Klængur.  A long journey.

Taktur has been with us since he was 3 years old.

You can pick him out in his field in Iceland.

We know him very well.

Ever the gentleman.

Ok, he is a stallion and he has stallion thoughts (today he had Klængur in his sights – ever hopeful, I guess).

But he is easy-going and usually easily distracted.

As I said, the perfect gentleman really!

4 thoughts on “So Very Handsome

  1. Linda Kirk

    Handsome doesn’t do him justice. He’s stunning and I don’t imagine many stallions are easy going gentlemen either. It’s Spring and his thoughts have turned to … lady horses.

    I love your black and white photos., they have such an impact.


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