Sitting with Minions

Flossie drove me over to see the Minions.  I miss being with them so much.  I wish they were nearer home.

We had a lovely time.

I was sitting on a small bank taking photos.

Flossie was being loved.

Silver has a thing about her ponytail.

As does Albie.

She was “loved” by everyone.

Note the furry belly Flossie is leaning on.

Lilja was particulalry beautiful and loving.


She was obsessed with the velcro in Floss’ glove and undid it and then did it up over and over again.  Hypnotised.

We think we should offer this as therapy for anyone who wants to forget their troubles “or invent new ones like having your hair eaten” says Flossie!

100% satisfaction guaranteed.

6 thoughts on “Sitting with Minions

  1. Sa

    Such lovely black & white photos today. I especially like Lilja and Flossie on profile.
    You could charge fr such a therapy session. I’d pay to do this.


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