Silly Little Minions

It began so quietly.  Everyone standing peacefully on the top of the hill, and behind but then it quickly deteriorated.

This was the Minions in the afternoon, just before the rain set in.

They were on flying form, giggling, farting and generally having a great time.  Please do not worry for Albie – he gave as good as he got and some.  He has become a proper little tough-guy.  No more the Mummy’s Boy unless he feels like it.  It makes my heart smile to see him like this.  One of the boys.  For a time, when he was a foal, I did wonder if he would really ever be like the others.  All I heard were endless stories about the dangers of orphan foals not growing up to be accepted or to learn to be like other ponies.  I just wanted to do right by him.  Anyway, I will stop worrying now.

Waffle started it.  Of that, I am sure.

Newt was quite reserved first and then he got into the spirit quickly joining the shenanigans.

I left them to their games and went back up the hill as the rain set in.

Sometimes there is no point trying to have a meaningful discussion with anyone if they are too busy sniggering.


3 thoughts on “Silly Little Minions

  1. Sam

    It makes one’s heart swell to see Albie galumping with the boys. Love how the Grande Dames just watch the silly ones. Thanks!


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