Remembering Jack

Today, though it should’ve been yesterday really, we are remembering Jack or Little Jack(et Potato) as he was known.

Jack’s most favourite day of the whole year was when the clocks go back an hour for British Summer Time.

He loved that day.  Jack had a tummy clock that was accurate to the last nano-second.  At precisely 17:00 to the minute, he would start barking to tell you to feed him immediately!  So on the one day of the year when his supper arrived an hour early, his little face would light up and all his birthdays arrived at once.

When the clocks went back for the hour in winter, was also “Worst Day Ever” and torture not just for Jack but for us all.

Little Jack came to us in his senior years – this is his actual please-adopt-me face – from a Dog Rescue Forum (I should not look at those pages).  Upon arrival, we quickly discovered that he was a wordly runaway who had the mouth of a navvy with a bad case of Tourettes.    He was very vocal and determined and BeAnne certainly learned a lot from him.

In his very last years, Jack remained his usual determined self but he went blind.  Every day we would take him on the slowest dog walk in the world.  A friend knitted him a beautiful coat which he modelled on her Ravelry webpage – Jack’s Jacket

Dearest Jack.  We do miss him.  He was a huge character and loved by us all.  His enthusiasm for life and food, mostly food really, was immense and yesterday was for him.  Jack’s Day.

(watch the video with the sound up – you can hear him talk!)


8 thoughts on “Remembering Jack

    1. Frances Post author

      He was the original dude (Just with foul language). You know, he never actually bit anyone. Told them he would but he didn’t and he loved little children. He was a dote with them.

  1. Nicki

    Aww Jack (et potato) I’ve missed that face too, I loved all your stories when Jack was adding his “two penneth” to each situation.

    1. Frances Post author

      When we played fetch with all the dogs (we had 3), Jack used to systematically take every toy indoors, put it in his bed and then sit on the lots like a mother chicken on her eggs. Only he would growl and threaten. If you said “dead” (another magic gundog word), he would let you put your hand in a remove a toy. He loved that game. He got to Rule the World. If you were a small 3yo child, you could whisper “dead” at him and would politely let go of any toy, give it to you to throw for him. But you had to be 3yo and want to lie on the floor with him and put tinsel around his head.

  2. Linda Kirk

    I didn’t know you acquired him as an older dog. His adopt me face is quite sad, as if he’d had a rough time and doesn’t expect much from life.
    He must have been quite the character. A small dog with a big heart.


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