Showing Folk our Stud

One of the best parts about having a Stud is meeting folk and introducing them to the family.

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Today we had two wonderful Australian ladies (and yes we did quiz them on everything Kath & Kim, Seven Little Australians and A Country Practice).  Daisy did her “koala bear” face and I needed to know if Redbacks were better than Blundies.  Hopefully life long friends were made as I think we spoke the same language.


We showed off our mares to them and everyone ooh-ed and aah-ed at the delights of the girls.  They knew quality when they saw it – our type of people, definitely.


Then it was time for them to meet the boys – Hammy, Andy and Charlie.  Sue was keen on Welshies, so that was good.  We wheeled out Hammy and were told that he was not fat, just in good condition (he looks like a Suffolk Punch to us!) and he was a fine chap (politeness will get you everything including my revolting home-made soup).


Daisy was pleased to see Andy again.  She used to ride him as a child and she learned her foundation skills avoiding his bull-fighting turns and imaginary fears.  There is nothing like a Shetland pony for teaching a child to actually ride!  She says if he comes to Thordale, she might ride him again.  He would love that.  It was lovely to see them again.


Charlie managed his idiot-face for the camera.  He is good at that.  It is his one talent.


It was a perfect day.  I hope our new friends enjoyed meeting my family – OH, daughters, horses, ponies, Minions, dogs, cat and chickens (in no particular order).


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