New Toys

The Minions have new toys.

I have noticed recently they are quite bored with each other and, as we were doing The Great Move of everyone, it made sense to give them what they wanted – Uncles Hammy, Andy and Charlie.

Here they are waiting, unsure of what is in the horse trailer that has just newly arrived.


We put Andy, Charlie and Hammy quickly out into the minion field.

BN2A5632 BN2A5642

And off they all went.


Hammy was an instant friend to the Minions.  They recognised someone of the same mentality.


Andy took charge of the herd and wandered around like an irate hippo.


He calls the shots and makes The Rules which I am sure the Minions will do their best to ignore or break.


Charlie took on the task of checking out the feed buckets (his one talent).


And Uncle Hammy had babysitting duty.

BN2A5693 BN2A5698 BN2A5710

Hammy happily found his own level.

BN2A5716  BN2A5726 BN2A5731 BN2A5733

We will admit that we were all slightly trepidatious about the Minions’ meeting the new guys.  This is a first for them and a huge learning curve.

BN2A5793 BN2A5811 BN2A5825 BN2A5839 BN2A5843 BN2A5853

And they are so happy!


This is how they will learn their manners and be ready to go into the bigger herd once Taktur has left for his impending wedding.



5 thoughts on “New Toys

  1. Cate

    What fun! Hammy is clearly in his element. 😀 I never realised there was so much to socialising young ponies—fascinating stuff.

  2. Martine

    What a difference in these little guys! It’s been brilliant watching their progress. I hope the Big Boys don’t let them push the boundaries too much. Hammy looks to have too much of a Minion Mentality to want to bother keeping them in line at all.

  3. Sumiko

    Ah, the Minions look like they’re loving the new toys. (The Toys look like they’re enjoying their new Minions too.)


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