Shortest Day and Hay

Yesterday was the Winter Solstice – our shortest day and longest night.  Now it all turns back for the better.  Spring will be here one day.

Sunrise – 09.10
Sunset – 14.59

Daisy has come home for Christmas. She “did the hay” with me today for those that get hay – the old men and the girls.  They are the only ones so far.

Iacs was pleased to see Daisy (we all are, especially Efstur).

And Daisy said everyone was looking very well.  She even thought Klængur had lost weight! Imagine that.

I am always glad of a second knowledgeable (based on science) opinion. Daisy is studying for her PhD in Vet Science.

Yup, science, Haakon. She will be Dr Daisy!

Iacs frisked Daisy just in case, you know, she was carrying chocolate cake about her person.

This lot get daily hay as there isn’t much grass in their field.

No one is complaining.  We will move them around again soon.


7 thoughts on “Shortest Day and Hay

  1. Jayne

    PhD’s ARE incredibly hard work – but as Linda says, always good to have a vet in the family (pfnar, pfnar, pfnar!)

    Does Daisy have any magic suggestions for the Terrible Terriers?

  2. marlane

    Daisy is studying for her PhD in Vet Science. does that mean she will be a vet ? and if so where will she end up working ? I do hope close to home. Merry Christmas !

  3. diane in northern wis

    Wow….a big Congratulations to Daisy in her educational pursuits….she will be a great Doctor! So glad things are settling down with all your critter buddies there. Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas together.


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