Minions Bring Me Peace

It has been remarked on possibly more than one occasion by those that know and understand that two terriers together is not an easy combination.  I won’t lie, we are struggling.  Pepper is wilful and difficult while Ted has the recall of someone who absolutely not recall at all and then Pepper follows and runs off if she can.  In the house, they are both of course perfect (ish) but outside is a different matter.

Today I bought cocktail frankfurters at our local shop to see if I can use them as temptation and as a way into two badly-behaved terriers’ brains via their tummies.  I am at my wits’ end.  I think it is because I have been away and I am trying to claw back my position as top dog and leader.

After I wanted to strangle the pair of them, I took myself out of the situation and drove over to see the Minions who were far away. I shouted and they all came over.

Of course Albie came running up first – so sweet and lovely to have someone run to me when I call!

I needed the healing powers of a kiss from Tiddles.

The peace of Leradale is healing.

Maybe I should live there – just me and my Minions. At least they come when they’re called.

Daisy has just reminded me that a certain BeAnne Duvet was no angel. Obviously I had forgotten this. She was always perfect apart from the times when she wasn’t.

15 thoughts on “Minions Bring Me Peace

  1. carol

    I feel your struggle, i too have a Yorkie Terrie. I have a theory. Once their nose is on the ground, their ears stop working, and outside their noses are always on the ground. I’m going to try treats and a clicker for recall. Good Luck!

  2. annie vanderven

    Please tell me how you achieve your aim with your dogs. My Havanese is 6 years and has absolutely no understanding of the word come, fortunately she is not allowed outside
    (lymes ticks) she uses special pads,

  3. Sam

    Terriers are bred to be willful and never give up. And yes, you are trying to reclaim Top Dog. But add in 1 spoiled singleton with one crazy puppy, and you get headaches. Did the hot dog work? A friend with several Spanish Water Dogs uses puppy treats when training. As for living at Leardale, while your roommates are delightful, they lean towards giggles and naughty. Not to mention no hot water or a loo. But I do like where you wander to. Was Newt nice today?

    1. Frances Post author

      No, Newt was an arse. So I got in before he did and told him no kicking and attacking with ears flat back.

  4. Michelle

    Old dogs have a way of erasing our memories of their less-than-perfect puppyhoods. My terrier is now two years old and her recall is getting pretty good, but I ALWAYS carry reinforcing treats, and our measly five acres is fenced. I don’t know that her recall would work ‘on the hill’!

  5. darby callahan

    I really think things will get better. Pepper is still a puppy and Ted is in a new home plus he lost his most special person. Terriers are so smart but so willful. I had a Jack Russell for a while. I was shocked at how much smarter she was than my mixed breed dog who I had for 13 years and was a sweetheart not nearly as intelligent.

  6. Jayne

    Once upon a time you rescued the Minions, and now they rescue you.

    And you WILL regain your position as Pack Leader, Alpha Female and ‘She Who WILL Be Obeyed’. Unfortunately terrier brains do not always work at the same speed as ours, but you will get there. xx

  7. Calm, Forward, Straight

    I used to refer to my JRT as a jack russell terrorist. She had negative recall, shooting a sassy look over the shoulder as she torpedoed in the opposite direction from me. And at the same time – she would run right up to other people, crouch down and let them pick her up. Apparently – I needed a lesson in humility. ;D

  8. Judith Garbutt

    Ther Minions are a joy! Terriers ….. Do you think the word ‘terror’ was invented by someone who had terriers. Mine is now 9 years old and comes to call when there’s nothing more interesting in sight or sound in the vicinity (or two fields away)! And I bet there are loads of interesting smells in your fields and trails to follow and investigate! Attaching a lunge line or a long piece of light rope can help – providing they don’t take off at the speed of light. You can let them run free but it’s easier to catch them /reel them in or hold them still until you get near enough to call them to you for a treat. Unfortunately, my Patterdale cross has never been motivated by food and ignores treats (unless there’s another dog near by)! I’m sure you’ll get it sorted Frances; don’t despair!

  9. diane in northern wis

    Oh dear! Somehow Frances, I feel that you’re going to get all this terrier stuff straightened out. In the meantime, I’m glad you can take a respite of sorts and hang out with your minions, who come when you call and do love you muchly!!!

  10. June

    My Rumanian rescue, Toffee, may well have terrier in her! She is a sweet, gentle girl, frightened of her own shadow but an absolute bastard when it comes to recall. She is treat driven but even those don’t work when she decides to go – she influences the 2 chihuahuas I have – they all run off mocking me as they run!! I yell so loud I wet myself, then vow to beat them when they do decide to come back. I want to drive off and leave the lot of them. Needless to say they are never physically chastised, I have wept before now because I’m so relieved they’ve returned. They are my girls, I love them but I want them to behave – is that too much to ask?

    1. Frances Post author

      Preachin’ to the choir, sister – the whole lot, including the wetting. Thank you for sharing. I don’t feel so alone in this now. xx

  11. Kathleen Woolley

    Teddy is still settling in. He has had a complete change. Up to now he had a more sedate way of life, now he has a friend and the freedom of Shetland. As for Pepper she is still young, but very soon she will
    settle down. I grew up with a pack of Cairn Terriers and the sharp NO and making them walk to heal worked well. When you feel they are about to break loose, the sharp NO comes in again. Terriers are very intelligent and will soon learn. Even just to please you. Tut. Tut. Sausages for being naughty. My Grandfather is turning in his grave.


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