Sheeple Rug

A little while back, a friend took ‘Bert and ‘Ster’s fleeces. She said she would make me a rug – et voilà!

A Visitor

A Trip to Yell

From two large bin bags of raw fleece, this incredibly beautiful rug was made.

I love it, utterly love it (in fact I will admit I had a little sniff and a tear – it just is so beautiful and perfect).  Every last bit of ‘Bert and ‘Ster’s perfect fleeces is here, even ‘Ster’s darker underneath bit.

As well as ‘Ster’s little curls too. Heaven.

My rug was created by Helen, from Hart of Shetland – it is a “woven raw fleece rug”.  She also makes lovely felted sheep fleece ones too. Using only palm oil free olive oil soap and water, my rug was lovingly made by hand.

Here is the Hart of Shetland website link and Instagram name (hart_of_shetland)

At present, the rug is living in the sitting-room – Lambie came in this morning for an inspection.

He was very taken with it, I could tell.

And Monster adores it too.  He has decided to leave Her Maj’s blankie for this much more comfortable place to sleep.

Off to Yell soon to give Helen all of this year’s fleeces, bar one (Lambie’s) which is now spoken for. I need more of these rugs. They are gorgeous.

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