A Visitor

Visitors are rare these days but when we do see folk, everyone likes to join in.

Today Helen came to see our set up.  Based in Yell, Helen is recreating Viking life – she makes those beautiful rugs out of sheep fleece, (Instagram: @hart_of_shetland) I showed you a few weeks back.  She took away ‘Bert and ‘Ster’s fleeces……. I am so excited.

Anyway, first I introduced Helen to the Sheeple but forgot to take my camera.  And then the Icelandic horses.  A huge success.

Haakon and Iacs did come over for a frisking.

I explained about the unique traits of the Icelandic horse and Iacs showed off his “prehistoric” pliohippus stripes.

Then we drove over to meet the Minions.

And Newt was very taken with our visitor.

Dammit: I forgot to say that Newt real name is “Viking” – this is most definitely an omen.

And Helen’s beautiful necklace.

He so wanted the necklace.

And then Albie wanted it too.

Waffle was next in line in the wanting of the necklace.

And in there is our visitor, apparently.

I think she had a nice time.

And it was lovely to meet Helen and to show her our way of life too (and thank you so much for the wonderfully sticky gooey chocccy cake and essential dog treats).  Come again!

7 thoughts on “A Visitor

  1. Sam

    Such a treasure you had, getting a visitor. And one that the Minions wanted to mob for the chance of nibbling a necklace. Newt’s original name explains a lot about him!

  2. Kerry

    Ahhh! What a fab blog and it looks like a sunny happy day all round for everyone. I think a Viking feast day calls when you have those fleeces back

  3. Helen Hart

    It was so lovely to meet you all and a privilege to be asked to turn Bert and Ster’s fleece into an animal-friendly sheep fleece rug. The love you show your animals is reflected in how they absolutely adore you and all come for cuddles or a chin scratch.


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