Brushed Minions

There are lovely orchids in the fields now. They are all shades of purple but I do adore the darker ones.

Meanwhile, this morning, armed with food, carrots, sunscreen, brushes, conditioning spray, etc, I went over to check the Minions.

I managed to catch each one and give them a good mane-and-tail brush.  Everyone mostly, behaved.  My worst was Silver (dapple grey) who didn’t want to be caught, despite taking my enticing carrot.  I wouldn’t let him get away this bad behaviour and made a point of catching him, tying him up and grooming him. And then he wouldn’t leave me alone – typical!

Waffle, of course, volunteered to be brushed at every opportunity.  He would. He loves being brushed (as does Albie).

Fivla was looking her very best.

Everyone’s dream fairy-tale pony.

These days I a new job – to sloosh Fivla and Vitamin’s mouths with water after eating to get rid of any surplus gap-filling debris.  It will help with future dental nasties.  They have only the teeth they have. There is nothing more to work with.

After slooshing, brushing, hugging and kissing, I splurged those that needed with their sunscreen, just in case the sun made an appearance.

And another orchid, just in case!

2 thoughts on “Brushed Minions

  1. Sams

    Waffle is very silly today. And how lovely they all look now that manes and tails have been brushed.
    Your orchids are lovely.


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