Second Named

Daisy and I have been thinking long and hard over this – our little filly’s name.  It has to be right and to fit Her LIttleness.

So, introducing Lilja from Thordale.

Lilja means Lily in Icelandic.

Lilja is a very special little filly.

She has heaps of charm as well as beautiful looks.

She is also very curious and loving.

Hetja thoroughly approves of Lilja meeting Daisy.

Lilja spent a long time being tickled and reciprocating.

I think the name Lilja suits her – you pronounce it Lil-ya.

So there we are, I think we have the right names – Lilja and Dreki.

The lily and the dragon.

14 thoughts on “Second Named

  1. Gwen

    Now tat very nice name Lilja, I like it little one. and Daisy with her and that really is lovely to see Good for Hetja, she knows Daisy and knows no one i sgoing to hurt Lilja

  2. Judith Garbutt

    Beautiful foals and good name choices. I’m looking forward to the first video of them playing together!

  3. Nancy

    Awwww, Lilja! What a wonderful name!
    Could you please take some video of the new bebbies running around?
    I would love to see them! Thank you!!!

  4. Terri

    Love Lilja! Perfect name for her! And lovely Daisy, as always, knows just how to charm them all….

  5. Kolla

    Oh wonderful! My daughter’s middle name is Lilja, after my grandmother. Beautiful name for a gorgeous filly!

  6. Sam

    Welcome, Lilja of Thordale. Mum is just trying to keep you safe by not letting you play with Draki. Keep trying, it will wear her down.

  7. Anne

    Lilja remins me of the little mermaid (famous tourist attraction at the Copenhagen Habour) the way
    she lies with her legs. She also looks very elegant and majestic. And she has her very own handsome Dragon 🙂

    Congratulations on both additions to the Thordale household!

  8. Deborah - Kamas, UT

    Lilja’s color is fabulous! Is there a word/phrase for that colour in Icelandic (with pronunciation, please)?
    In the U.S., it might be called a Blue Roan, with her dark tail & mane, but she’s without the dark ‘socks’ that would often be part of the Blue Roan package.


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